Day 2 -Napa Wineries

Hello Again,

So I am staying about 20/30 minutes away from the school.  Which “SOMEONE” thought I was crazy to do… I however have loved my morning drives into the area. I am learning where the areas are and the relationship to each other.

I love wine but am totally out of my element here in Napa.  I can’t imagine “storing” wine— but only because I can’t imagine my husband and I not drinking it ALL up before we can store it!

I started my morning at Staglan, referred by a friend and was totally impressed!  Not only was the Becker House  amazing but the winery is fully organic, solar panels, crop rotations and more! These wines are not an everyday wine they are more of a weekend wine!   The woman who talked with that morning gave me some interesting things to think about. I was asking her about how long one can store the wine. (yes, that is a question I learned to ask) and she said– well do you like older cabs?  I laughed because– I HAVE NEVER STORED WINE BEFORE!!!  So, I told her I have no idea. She laughed and gently told me that before I store a bunch of wines, I should try a few older wines because some people like the taste of the younger wines.

Next up, I headed to Del Dotto!  An interesting castle-like building with a really nice wine guide. I didn’t love all the wines but I enjoyed chatting with the wine guide. Doing solo tastings has been an experience for me, I am a PEOPLE PERSON and when I have done wine tasting before – I have DRANK THE WINE with friends and had a blast.

The people who I have met are so nice, they ALL really want to be here and to share their knowledge about wine.  I was SUPPOSE to head to another winery but ended up meeting my cousin at a great restaurant called Archetype.  Great, phone, great atmosphere and totally California. YUM!  (hmm – I wonder who the wine snob is?)

Drink up then spit it OUT

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