CIA- Day 1- Wineries

Unbelievable. I just need a place where I can write down my experience because even with just a day under my belt, the trip has been worth it. I could easily post to FB. However, sometimes I feel some people may think it’s bragging. I know I am lucky, spoiled in fact but I so needed this!!

I started my day by going to 3 different wineries. Before I left the hotel I was a bit anxious about going to tastings by myself. Felt like a dork! But as I left my hotel and ventured down the HWY- everything just clicked. Oh how I love the west coast. Love the mountains, the greenery. I appreciate the landscape and do miss it.

My first stop was Caymus- in honor of our sweet 10-year-old lab. I learned that Chuck Wagner has 4 kids and 3 of them have their own wines. I had no idea that the chardonnay Mer Soleil was a Wagner family wine. Then I moved onto Round Pond- which I really enjoyed. I had a nice young guy who took me through several of their wines and olive oils! I definitely found an option here. Lastly I went to Alpha Omega. Really pretty winery but my tasting was just an average experience and I thought the wines were good… but not sure great. Again, I am such a Novice that maybe I missing great wineries. My cousin told me that a lot about the tastings has to do with your experience there and with the person. I think he’s right!

Oh wait, I know what you want to know … did i really DRINK all those wines before heading to my class? NO- I tried to be discreet and spit them out. The wineries offered this HUGE and very obvious spittoons. I chose a Starbucks cup. No one had any idea!

After the wineries I headed to lunch at the Farmstead which was really amazing. A warm Burreta with their house made olive oil and yellow beets. AMAZING!

Then my day actually began! More details to come.

Bake on.

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