Pecan Sticky Buns -Step 2! TWD

Tuesday’s with Dorie- Pecan Sticky Buns Step Two

After completing Step One, I am ready to pull my yeast dough out of the fridge and get started.

I set up my Mise En Place on the island and bring out my silpat.

I divide the dough in half and place the one piece back in the fridge. I lightly sprinkle the silpat with flour and quickly begin to roll out my yeast dough to 11 x 13 inches.  (Over the years of taking pastry classes I have found that a flat wood rolling-pin works best.) I use my special pastry brush to gently brush off any left over flour on either side.  (This brush is ONLY used for this purpose and is labeled)

I then spread half of my softened butter all over the dough.

Next I use a technique I have learned before when doing croissants.  I fold the dough into thirds.

I wrap in plastic and let it chill again in the fridge for 30 minutes. (you want the butter to firm back up) I repeat this process with the remaining half of the dough.

I set up my Mise En Place and lightly flour the silpat again.

After the dough has rested in the fridge for about 30 minutes, I set it out on my lightly floured silpat.  I roll the folded dough halves out for the final time to the 11 x 13 shape.

I again use my “special” pastry brush to remove an excess flour and then I use one of my regular basting brushes to lightly paint on a beaten egg to the bottom ¾ of the dough. (I have no idea why you don’t do this with all the dough. (anyone?)

I first combine the sugar and cinnamon and sprinkle it on the dough, and I then add the chopped pecans.

I roll up the dough into a log and use my pasty scraper when needed to keep the edges even.

I tightly wrap with plastic wrap and place in the freezer.  This recipe makes two so I double wrap the second one with plastic wrap, wrap it with foil and then put it into a gallon size freezer bag.  (I’m not losing a morning of goodness because of freezer burn!!)

The recipe says to place the rolled log in the freezer for about  an hour.  I, of course, have to run and pick up one of my monster’s from school so I get back to this about 3 hours later. (Again I LOVE when I can have the freedom to do this … Life as a mom can be so regimented with schedules)  Finally back in my kitchen, I get one of my 8 inch round cake pans as it has  higher side to it which is recommended. The recipe now recommends pressing (smushing) 1 stick of softened butter into the bottom and sides of the cake pan. After using 1/2 stick I honestly don’t know how I am going to get any more in there.  (I use another one of my favorite baking tools to smash in the butter – disposable plastic gloves!  Shout out to my Chef friend Whitney for teaching me that about 5 years ago.  I buy mine at Costco and although you think you will never go through all of them … You will!  I used them for gardening too under my regular gloves. And I use them for cleaning bathrooms. Did I mention I have two boys? I don’t think I have to say much more …)  After I have smashed in all the butter, I sprinkle on the brown sugar.  There is so much of it that (because I forgot to half it … this seems to be a theme of mine.  Note to self, “READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!”) I could have just dumped it in and pushed it around with my gloved fingers.

Now I take the frozen dough out of the freezer, place it on my cutting board and slice it into 1 ½ inch thick pieces.

I place them flat in the cake pan with the seams to the outside. (at this point they won’t touch … but just wait for another rise coming up)  I add three pecans in a triangle on top of each one, lightly pressing it down into the dough.

I set these to the side uncovered, and then let them rise for about 2 hours.  They will rise together and begin to touch.

I bake them in a preheated oven for 30 minutes.  I don’t open the oven but turn the light on and peek at 25 minutes … and witness the explosion of ONE sticky bun!  Again with my dough exploding out! Lol

They look awesome and are a light brown color,  so at 30 minutes baking time, they are ready.

I take them out of the oven and all I can say is … “Sweet Jesus.”  They looked that good!  I mean ridiculously good.  I quickly get a serving platter and flip the buns out onto that.  (Otherwise the brown sugar and butter, which turned to caramelized goodness in the oven will turn into a BRICK)

That caramel is super hot so don’t go trying to spoon some out of the bottom to try it.  (okay, do that but BLOW on it first … Lawyer AMY in Colorado, I’m covered from a “burned tongue” law suit, right?) lol

These are a TEN. No question about it.  I am always honest with my baking and if it’s just okay, I will tell you.

Enjoy! Make these for your friends if you are willing to share.  I couldn’t. Sorry neighbors, Laura and Mark!!!

After using 6 sticks of butter for one recipe,  you better get that hiney of yours to the gym too. My jeans are still angry with me for eating THREE of these. Yea, you heard me.  The husband thought there were only two left … because I ATE THE THIRD.  Sorry husband … you are a number guy. So you better start counting quicker if you want me to keep wearing a two piece!


Your fearless blogger friend,


Side Note- A few months ago my cousin Rachel had a Pampered Chef party.  My mom sent me one of the catalogs to go through and pick out a few items.  I had never been to a party before and was doubtful that I would really find something I could use. I was totally wrong and found two items that I LOVE.  One is the HUGE batter bowl. It holds 6 cups, has a pour spout, a handle and is glass.  I have used it for pancakes, whipping cream, rice and numerous other projects.  Buy one.  My other item is a small glass bowl that has measurements on the side.   I ended up with 6 of them and use them all the time now.  They are so versatile, whether measuring, separating eggs or just setting up my Mise En Place.  Again .. buy them, they will save you from using cereal bowls!

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