Lemon Loaf Cake – TWD


I love lemon … so I was really excited to try this lemon pound cake from the Baking with Julia cookbook.

Mise En Place:

I used my microplane to grate 3 lemons. I learned in one of my classes to only scrape the yellow part of the lemon. If you grate to deep you will get some of the white rind, which is bitter.  The microplane is a great tool for grating fruit rinds and hard cheeses. It was originally designed after a woodworking tool called a rasp.  In fact, there are many kitchen tools that came from home improvement shops!  (a putty knife – looks like a tool we use to scrap up dough from the counter!)

This recipe is really easy and only needs a large bowl and a whisk!  I started by whisking the eggs and sugar until frothy. Then I added in the lemon rinds.

Next, I sifted together the flour and baking powder.  I added the flour in 3 increments, whisking to blend … I learned a trick from my mom years ago.  She uses a hand-held metal wire strainer instead of an actual sifter, less of a hand work-out.  I was surprised after sifting that I did have a few clumps of flour remaining at the bottom of the strainer …

I added the melted butter and stirred it in with a big spoon.  A friend of mine, Lori, previosly sold Tastefully Simple.  If you have ever made their Almond Pound Cake, you know that you add in melted butter last, just before you bake it.  I realized that the melted butter gives the outside of the pound cake a slight candy crunch.  It does the same for this lemon cake …

Lastly, I had to grease my loaf pan. I remembered a trick that one of my Cooks Illustrated magazines suggested.  They save their butter wrappers and freeze them in a ziploc bag.  I took a wrapper out of the freezer and used it to butter the pan.  It was easier and less messy than using a stick of butter, and there wasn’t the chemical flavor of an oil spray.

The recipe mentions that with most pound cakes you should wait a full day before eating them.  How does anyone do that?  I let it cool for about an hour and cut right into it.  It was good …not sure I would make it again though.  I would have liked it to be more moist … maybe it would have been had I waited a day!

So, another recipe completed from the BIG BOOK!  I am looking forward to seeing what is next as I have loved baking each week.

Bake on!



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