Pizza Rustica – TWD


I’m Back!

I was able to sneak away to CO for a week and enjoy my family, friends and those Rocky Mountains!  While in Beavercreek, before a busy dinner service, I toured Spendido’s at the Chateau’s kitchen.  It was amazing!  I waited tables through high-school and college, so I have seen a lot of kitchens. This was by far the most impressive one I have ever seen.  The entire kitchen was accented in copper, and each station was meticulously set up. What a dream it would be to work in a kitchen like that!

Onto the baking!

I am still behind … but I am okay with that because this Tuesday with Dorie is for fun!  The next recipe we had is called Pizza Rustica. I was really excited because I have wanted to make a homemade pizza for some time now.

My parents were driving into town and I thought this would be a great opportunity to try this recipe.  I opened up the Baking with Julia book, found the recipe and was completely confused.  It looked like a pie?  Pizza Rustica?  Hmm, I thought maybe it would taste like pizza?  Nope.  After reading all my fellow bloggers comments … I realized we were all equally confused.  So, don’t let the name fool you.  This is … well it’s hard to explain what it is. Let’s get started so you can see for yourself!

The host for the week is  Raelynn.

Mise En Place- Crust

I decided to add some flax-seed flour to the all-purpose flour,  that is what you see on top of the white flour.  When substituting different flours, I have experimented and found that you really need to substitute in small increments.  Even with “my mom’s chocolate chip cookies”, I would only substitute  1/2 c whole wheat flour so I wouldn’t ruin the texture of the cookie.  I used a food processor to make the crust, which is what I do with my regular pie crust too. (sorry, Aunt Pam) It’s just so much easier!

Next up, the filling.  This filling is amazing,  it is so smooth and light, you could easily change out flavors with herbs, vegetables or meats.  Several of my fellow bloggers mentioned that the original recipe was bland, so that gave me the idea to add spinach.  I don’t love spinach raw, but when cooked, I can’t really taste it, and it IS good for you. One tip I learned, and will use in the future, was to really mix up the ricotta in a separate container before I use it. It ends up so soft and smooth.  Normally when I make lasagna or stuffed shells I just scoop it out of the container and call it a day.  This recipe taught me what ricotta’s consistency SHOULD be like.

Lovely and light ...

Once finished, I scooped the mixture into the pie crust.  Next up was the fun part of making the lattice.  I remember as a little girl, my mom always used lattice on her cherry pies. I was always so amazed at how beautiful it looked and as I child, I could never quite figure out how she did it. From the original crust recipe, I saved about 1/3 of the dough for the lattice-work. I rolled it out, and of course, wished I had more dough.  I had to really stretch my strips to make it work. One day, my Aunt Pam will teach me how to do HER crusts.  They are perfect! (that blog will be worth money … )

With family in town, we sat down to eat the Pizza Rustica.  Wow, it was good.  Really good.  Light, smooth and not as filling as you would think.  It may look like a quiche, but it’s not.  Completely different consistency. With that said, I would definitely serve it at a brunch or a side dish to a heavy meal.  I think it would be cute to do individual pies too!

Enjoy friends, bake on, and remind me to GO TO THE GYM! It IS swimsuit season people!!!



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