Chocolate Truffle Tart -Step 2


Finished product … I think I gained 2 lbs just looking at that oozing chocolate!

Hello Friends,

Are you ready for the second part of this recipe?  This is where the rich chocolate filling is made.  I hope that you had enough time to get the biscotti and chocolates.

Chocolate Truffle Tart – the recipe is from contributing baker David Ogonowski. Our host posted the recipe here.

Mise En Place -(gathering my ingredients)

Mise En Place

First I proceeded to chop up the butter into one inch pieces.  I placed those in the top portion of the double boiler and let them soften for about 1 minute.  (Double Boiler – Put a heavy sauce pan filled with an inch of water over medium heat, then place a large metal or stainless steel bowl in the heavy sauce pan of the gently boiling water.

Add Chocolate now

Once the butter is softened, add the chocolate and the two will slowly melt.  Stir to combine and keep the heat at medium.  When you only have a few stray pieces of unmelted chocolate, remove from heat.  Continue stirring until the last piece is melted and then set aside to cool.

melt another 1 minute over the double boiler
Pull off heat at this point.

Next I measured and chopped the biscotti and milk/white chocolates.  One thing I’ve learned through reading the comments on the Tuesday’s with Dorie blog, is that I should make the biscotti and chocolate pieces are big or they will just melt right into the tart.  So, I literally only cut the chocolates and biscotti into 1/2 oz pieces. I would weigh the biscotti if you can  …   as I didn’t and it was a bit off.

BIG chunks!

Then I get my stand mixer ready.  I first added the eggs and beat on medium for about a minute.  Then I added in the sugar and increased the speed to medium high for about 3-4 minutes. You are looking for a ribbon texture.  What is a ribbon texture, you ask?  I, too, wondered … the color will lighten, the mixture will thicken, and when you take off your batter attachment or the beaters from the hand mixer, the egg mixture will glide off of it and look like a ribbon.

Mix eggs together first, and then add the sugar.

At this point, mix about a cup of egg mixture into the cooled chocolate, and fold it (with a large rubber spatula) about 10 times. (There SHOULD still be streaks of egg).   I saw on one of my cooking show’s the other day a chef said to “spiral” the outside of the bowl to get a gentle fold.  You don’t want to MIX in a circle like you would with brownies.  Ideally, you want to keep the airiness that you put into the eggs by mixing them.

Next,  you do the reverse –  and add the bowl of folded eggs and chocolate into the egg mixture.  Lightly fold again until almost combined. Last you mix in your biscotti and chocolates until they are just covered with chocolate.

Chocolate and Biscotti added!

Slowly pour most of the mixture into your tart pan – there will be left over filling. (I put mine into two small ramekins and cooked them alongside the tart)  Use an off-set spatula or small knife to spread the filling into all of the edges of your tart crust.

Next time I will remove the rack. Rookie picture-taking mistake!

The top of the tart should “just” look like its done.

Allow it to cool, slice and serve!

Bake ON!  Then hit the GYM!



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