Failure- Complete


Hello Followers!

It’s nice to have more than 2 people from my immediate blood line following my blog!  I have had a great week and have been busy cooking and baking.  This week I completed my second night of a two-night course on Yeast Breads through the University of Richmond.  It was so much fun, and I love meeting new people.  You would be amazed at who my fellow chefs were for the night … Doctors, PA’s and a new friend who was just recently published in the Richmond Magazine and was on one of the morning talk shows!

So, I have to admit that last night at my baking class, I FAILED at making my Sweet Bread Wreath Recipe!  In front of 15 other people!!! Thankfully I can laugh about it, and it is a class so we do learn from our mistakes. Do you want to know what I did?  It was so bad …  the chef even said with a smirk, ” Maybe we shouldn’t even bother baking it!”  I am still laughing as I write this!  I was making a wreath style sweet yeast bread which sounds as cool as it “should” have looked. I failed to READ the directions correctly, and didn’t split the recipe in half, so the wreath was literally HUGE.  As in the size of a holiday wreath, for your front door!  As it continued to rise, it became very apparent that it wasn’t going to fit on a regular baking pan. In fact, the chef feared that if it rose anymore it would EXPLODE!  I should have taken a picture, but was shamed by the chef, so I literally hid the bread until it was ready to bake. It turned out … well HUGE but fortunately as students we didn’t know what it should have looked like.

So, here’s to happy baking and failure! Lesson learned, READ THE DIRECTIONS!




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