Chocolate Truffle Tart -TWD Step 1

Hello Friends,

I started this blog because I wanted to join a group of more than 400 bakers who pick a recipe each week to bake from Dorie Greenspan’s book “Baking with Julia.”  The great part of baking with all of these other bloggers, is that we all can leave comments about how our recipes turned out,  what we changed in the recipe, what we liked or didn’t.  In preparing for this recipe, I read over 90 comments from my fellow bloggers and  watched an old episode on You Tube of Julia making this tart with Chef David Ogonowski.

This is my first tart, so I had to run to Williams and Sonoma where I picked up a rectangular tart pan that I LOVE!

Here we go!

Chocolate Truffle Tart Crust-the recipe is (from contributing baker David Ogonowski)

Here’s the trick with TWD. I am not allowed to give you the actual recipe.  Dorie took the time and work to put this book together so go out and buy her book.  Each week there are a few hosts of the recipes and they are allowed to give you the actual recipe. So check out the recipe here.

Mise En Place

The first part of this recipe is making the chocolate crust. I added the sugar, salt, and dutch processed cocoa to the food processor, and pulsed it about 8 times to combine.

Then I added butter and ice-cold water to make dough similar to a pie crust consistency. (pea size pieces)

I think this needs a touch more of that ice water.

I have been trying different butters since reading an article comparing them in Cooks Illustrated magazine.  I had been using Costco’s unsalted house brand called Kirkland’s because I go through so much butter.   The article didn’t rate that brand. They did rate about 8 brands, and their number one brand was the Land O’ Lakes unsalted butter.  Each stick of that butter is individually wrapped with a “Freshness Wrap.”   So, no outside aromas from the refrigerator can permeate through that wrapper.  I also learned, through my chef at the University of Richmond cooking school, that unsalted butter is freshest.  Which makes sense since you salt food to preserve it.

When visiting our place in Costa Rica, I’ve noticed the only option at the local grocery stores is salted butter … probably best, due to all of the power outages. : )

Land O’ Lakes Unsalted Butter!

Once the consistency of your crust has broken down into pea size pieces, it’s time to chill the dough.  Place the dough on a hard service and work it into a rectangle, wrap with plastic wrap, and chill for 20-30 mins.

After the 20 mins chill

I lightly floured parchment paper, used a rolling-pin to tap down the crusts, and then rolled it out to fit my tart pan. I also used my pastry scraper every few rolls to make sure I wasn’t sticking.  I added some flour under the dough when it stuck.

The recipe called for (6) 4-inch rounds. I choose to do a long rectangular tart pan. (13×5)  I think the presentation and ease of serving was my deciding factor in picking the rectangular pan.  Spray or butter your tart pans.  I gently draped the dough over the  tart pan, and then rolled the rolling-pin over the top of the tart pin which “cut” the extra dough right off.  (I’m not going to lie, that was kinda fun!) Doesn’t it look awesome?

This was fun for me!

After getting the dough into the pan,  I make sure that all the edges were filled with dough. I used my pastry brush to gently brush away any extra flour.  My suggestion would be to buy an extra pastry brush and write PASTRY on it so you don’t use it at your next BBQ party!  Next,  I cooled the tart in the fridge for another 20 mins.  At that point I used a fork to punch holes in the bottom of the tart pan.  I finally realized why this step is important when you pre bake crust …  I poked holes in the bottom of the pan but neglected to poke the sides. The sides puffed out, and made the tart uneven on the sides.  (check out the top side of the picture below to see the puff … lesson learned!)

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes

Next time I think I would use chocolate wafers or chocolate graham crackers with butter as the base.  This wasn’t as flavorful as I would have liked.

Next Step  …  FILLING!  Check back soon for more details, until then go out and buy some small almond biscotti, 2 /oz of white chocolate and 2 oz milk chocolate so you are ready!  My husband is already asking me to make this one again!

Bake On and the hit the gym … this one is going to leave a mark!


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