I’m Back

All right after a couple of weeks off, I am back!
We took the boys down to Costa Rica for a long week, and I had the opportunity to go to two amazing farmer’s markets.  It’s amazing for me to walk slowly through the different vendors and explore all of the foods and interact with the locals. (Notice I didn’t say speak … I know the same 5 words in spanish that you know!)  I have often gone to the market with my friend Kimberley who has been in Costa Rica for 15 years.  I love the fact that there are still veggies and fruits that she doesn’t recognize.  It makes the whole experience seem more authentic.   I can’t remember the last time I walked into Kroger’s and found something new.  This trip I bought pineapples and watermelons to make smoothies! If you haven’t had a watermelon smoothie before … try it.  AMAZING!
On another day I had the opportunity to spend a few hours with my friend Alina. She is from Romania, an amazing cook, and has so many interesting stories. She could easily do her own cooking show.  She spent two hours with me teaching me how to make her White Bean Dip and Babaganoush!  I should have taken several pictures and blogged about my experience with her but I was in vacation mode and didn’t think about it until afterwards.   I will be blogging about the dip shortly with lots of pictures.  It’s good, but I doesn’t taste exactly like hers!
Bottom line, I need more practice!  One of my instructor’s/ chef’s at the cooking school I attend told us that we have to practice cooking/baking just like we would with any other skill.  So whether you’re making Soufflés or White Bean Dip … you must keep trying them if you want to perfect them.  It’s taken me 10 years, but I finally learned the secrets of my mom’s CCC recipe last year.  Then I found Jacques recipe for Chunky CCC and now I am busy practicing that recipe!
Go Out and buy some white beans … your going to want to try this dip!
Cook On,

One Reply to “I’m Back”

  1. So happy you feel such a need to practice ! Because of this need, I just sampled your first attempt of Alina’s “White Bean Dip” … beautiful, inviting, gourmet presentation with a deep, luscious flavor. So ready for more. And your new ” Jacque Torres: Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe was truly delicious … though I do admit that begrudgingly as My Recipe used to bring a smile to your face and pounds to your tummy …. To more practice, love from Mom

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