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Kale Chips …WHAT?

Oh yes, it’s true.  I bought Kale chips from Whole Foods about a year ago.  They were … AWESOME!  Really … but they cost $8!  Oh yes, that isn’t a typo!  I paid $8 several times for some amazing Kale Chips!!!   Trust me, in high school and college I waited tables and we used Kale as a garnish.  I never  thought that people ate Kale, (click on the link for some nutritional info) that would be like eating grass.  Who does that?

Well, somebody figured out that kale is REALLY good for you and if you bake it … it is not only edible but honestly a little addictive.

Here goes! Pre-heat Convection Oven to 300!

Mise En Place -

1 bunch of Kale (any kind … who knew there was more than one variety!) wash, dry well, remove the stem and thick center rib.

1 t coarse salt – Sea salt, Kosher salt, or a fancy salt from France. (thank you Sinclair’s!)

1 T Olive Oil – EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

I hate doing dishes so I love using parchment paper any time I bake! You can get it at any grocery store or in bulk at COSTCO!   Please don’t confuse it with Wax Paper … I have HEARD that wax paper will fill up your kitchen with SMOKE and ruin what you are baking.  :)  A lesson that you only have to learn once!  (Like setting off a fire extinguisher … again, another thing I HEARD about and another lesson learned by several college roommates!) Back to KALE!

Line a baking sheet (aka cookie pan) with parchment paper.  Place your Kale on the sheet, drizzle with the oil and sprinkle with salt.  Then use your hands, (you can get disposable gloves at Costco so you won’t oil up your hands) and gently toss the kale with the oil and salt.  You may need two baking sheets if you have a huge bunch of Kale.

Place in your preheated oven. After 10 minutes, I use my tongs or spatula to move them around a bit. At this point, you will be able to see that they are still dark green and looked “wilted.”

They’ll need another 5-10 minutes.  Check back and try one to see if it is crispy and crunchy.

What I can tell you is that if they are over cooked … they are TERRIBLE.  So, I’d rather you under cook them and then toss them back in the oven to crisp up.  (They turn brown if overcooked.)

Toppings:  You can also sprinkle Nutritional Yeast on them, which will give it a mild cheesy flavor.

You WILLl eat them right away … I promise.  They are so good.  If you end up with left overs …store them in parchment paper!  Really, I have tried everything only to discover that parchment paper keeps them crisp!  If you don’t have any and they “wilt” after a day.  Pop them back in the oven for about 5 minutes at 300 and they will be as good as the first day!

You can add the Kale Chips to soups, salads or even eggs!

Enjoy these,  they really are good and who knew that there was a purpose for Kale besides looks?

Bake on!


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4 thoughts on “Kale Chips …WHAT?

  1. Katharine on said:

    Love kale chips as well as smoothies made with kale!

  2. Theresa on said:

    you said, place your “dried” kale on the sheet…… what point did you dry them? did I miss something or did you mean, place them on the sheet to bake them?
    I’m really confused.

    • Hi Teresa, after I wash the kale, I dry it off with a paper towel or clean hand towel before I remove the stem or center rib. That info is right below the first picture.

      I think you are right that it sounds confusing when I say dried kale… I didn’t mean dehydrated, just towel dried – sorry for the confusion!

      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.


    • Theresa on said:

      After I went back and re-read the blog, I see what you probably meant… oh, btw
      I grew up eating Kale. The type of Kale you are using to make your Kale chips are not the decorative variety, or it wasn’t used in that way in situations that I have seen. Generally that type is the dark green, and a like pink or purple hue.
      The dark green Kale, that is long stemmed is the only type we ever cooked.
      I grew up eating this at Thanksgiving since, Kale is picked after the first frost
      It was cooked with chicken broth, or in some houses, bacon grease. I have always loved Kale and could eat it daily. I’m anxious to make these chips.
      Thanks…… Theresa

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